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I was a licensed veterinary technician for several years. This page is dedicated to all the animals I have loved and lost.

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These are the pets who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but are never gone from my heart.

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Tennessee Mischief Tessa

My Little Dear 5/88-11/01
Tess you were my only friend,
I wish our friendship could never end.
You kept me warm when I was cold.
All the way to thirteen years old.
You were my very favorite dear,
This is a poem I hope you hear.
by Ainsley


Trampp (1976-1986) and Lady (1978?-1993) were the ultimate couple. I could have used a picture of better quality, but I chose the one of them together, because in life, they always were. I believe they were soulmates. We adopted Trampp as a puppy, and he was with us until his death at the age of 10, as a result of heartworm disease. Lady was an adult when she came into our family, the victim of abuse and neglect. She went on to live a long and happy life, until she was euthanized at the age of 15(?), due to kidney failure.

Brandy the Cocker Spaniel

To Brandy

Button Boy's Little Brandy;
So precious, and sweet as candy,
Daughter of ol Button Boy,
You filled my heart with love and joy.

Floppy ears and fuzzy feet;
Big brown eyes that looked so sweet.
You did your little tricks so well,
And now we bid you a grand farewell.

Valentine's Day in Eighty-three
Was the day God took you away from me.
We were together such a short time,
My Cocker Spaniel Valentine.



Taffy (Jan. 1983 - Dec. 1998) joined our family after Brandy's death in 1983. She was 5 weeks old. She led a long life of making all the house rules until she was euthanized because of kidney failure, 6 weeks shy of her sixteenth birthday.


Buddy (1986 - 1987), a Malamute/German Shepherd mix, found a home with us after we lost Trampp. His short life was ended by a car.

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Tess (1988 -2001) who was euthanized because of heart problems, and Boomerang (1989-1996) got along pretty well. He is also no longer with us. He got into one catfight too many with the neighbor's cats. He was supposed to be an inside cat, since he was declawed, but he didn't believe me. He was quite a sneak.


Junior(1996-1998) was a troubled cat. No, she was the cat from Hell. She had severe behavioral problems and was euthanized. I still have visible scars.




Heidi (1987 - ?) was the next love of my life. We didn't lose her to death, but were preventing it. She had started playing in the road, and I wasn't too eager to have to bury another dog. So she went to live with a family out in the country. She was half Husky, half German Shepherd, and the strangest thing, I never saw that breed take to water like she did. We ended up getting her a wading pool because she'd paddle all the water out of the dish, so she and Lady would never have water to drink. She would start at the top of the hill, and get a running start to the pool, and splash in it over and over again.


Daisy (1989-2001) almost 7 years before her death, was hit by a car, and suffered a spinal injury. She had difficulty walking, but she got around. She began to suffer pain and was euthanized in July of 2001. Here she is with Lady in younger years.


Joey(1998-2000) was the cat of all cats. He was very special to me, I don't know what was different about him. Maybe it's because he came to me a sickly bedraggled little guy, infected with feline herpesvirsus, and I was able to make him reasonably healthy. He was outside playing around in the yard on August 19, 2000. I haven't seen him since.

Girl and cat

Here's Ainsley with Joey in one of the last pictures we have of him.